Classification of laminated glass metal mesh


Classification of laminated glass metal mesh:

1. Glass with iron wire:

Only part of the sandwiched wire in the laminated glass metal mesh is produced by the stretching process, as shown in the picture below.

2. Glass with metal wire:

The glass with wire mesh is mainly made by sandwich process. The wire mesh is mainly made of steel wire, copper wire and other metal wires. Of course, the wire mesh can also be made into sandwich type. The glass with wire mesh has a very simple decorative effect. As shown in the following cases, the glass with wire mesh made by sandwich process has higher safety and good thermal conductivity, Metals are more ductile. In addition, the safety of the film layer is higher, although the glass is broken when the glass is damaged by external force, the film layer can completely paste the glass fragments. Metal toughness also has good security!

3. Silk glass:

There are many kinds of glass with spun silk, which is also called laminated process glass. It is made of two pieces of glass sandwiched with strong and heat plastic intermediate films or pictures or silk or patterns preferred by customers. There are many kinds of silk. There are thousands of silk materials on the market. Our company can provide thousands of silk materials for reference. Silk glass is generally used in decorative scenes. The decorative effects of different silk materials are different (different light transmittance, different colors and decorative effects, etc.).



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